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    India’s Ban on Facebook’s ‘Free Basics’ Raises Issue of Internet Accessibility

    On the afternoon of Feb. 8, India’s telecom regulator finally put to rest the fiery net neutrality debate in India — by ruling against zero rating and differential tariffs.

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    Nikki Haley: Do I Love Her or Do I Hate Her?

    Like millions of other Americans, I was tuned into President Obama’s State of the Union (SOTU) address Jan. 12. I normally glaze over these things, because it’s the usual gibber gabber of gun laws, immigration, the Middle East, healthcare, and whatever political fluff comes into Obama’s speechwriters’ heads. I don’t lean towards Democrats or Republicans, so it wasn’t like I watching the SOTU, anticipating that every phrase would make me feel good, in the way that many of my Democrat friends were that night.

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    A Conversation with Chelsea Clinton

    On Jan. 25, the Hillary Clinton campaign came to Southern California. Chelsea Clinton, representing her mother, flew to Los Angeles from New York to speak to supporters at various events in the Southland.

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    10 Incredible Reasons Why Every Couple Should Shoot a Pre-Wedding Film

    Pre-wedding films are a swiftly emerging trend. Couples are now setting aside a day prior to their big event to create some beautiful memories and have some pre-marriage fun. Undoubtedly, the courtship period is the best period of any couple’s life, and this generation just got lucky to have a pre-wedding film shoot. The emotions and connections in this phase are neither very weak nor very strong. It is a phase where the couples are still trying to get to know each other well. At such a time, the pre-wedding film shoot is the best thing any couple would want to get comfortable with each other and express their love for the other in a very classic and Bollywood way. It may not be very cheap, but the memories it will give you are priceless.

    • December 23

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    Spice Affair Aims to Redefine the ‘Indian Restaurant’ Scene

    BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — A group of young Indian American women walked up La Cienega Boulevard just north of Wilshire and hooked right up a few steps before disappearing into the former Gaylord’s restaurant on a cloudy Sunday afternoon. The dining establishment on Restaurant Row is now called Spice Affair. The casual passerby might not initially realize Spice Affair as an Indian restaurant, though the group of young women entering the eatery in colorful kurtas might be a give-away.

    • November 27

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