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    Irony of Peace Award Amid India-Pakistan Border Friction

    In a surprise announcement, India's little-known child rights adherent Kailash Satyarthi and Pakistan’s Malala Yousafzai have together been awarded this year’s prestigious Nobel Peace Prize "for their struggle against the suppression of children and young people and for the right of all children to education.”

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    Why the Nobel Peace Prize is a Red-Faced Moment for India and Pakistan

    This may well go down as the Line of Control Nobel Peace Prize.

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    Why Ro Khanna’s Election Is Personal

    When I'm trying to recruit high school or college students to join our campaign, I start off with my personal story, summed up in the following sentence: “I grew up in the Bay Area, graduated from Dartmouth in 2013, started my career at the world’s biggest hedge fund on Wall Street and left within four months to help Ro win an election back in my hometown.” I proceed to add more colorful details, expanding on my reasons for why I think Ro would be a more effective representative than Mike Honda. A graduate of Yale Law school, a trade official appointed by President Obama, a lecturer of economics at Stanford and an author of a celebrated book on how to revitalize America’s manufacturing industry, Ro’s experiences spell out a compelling case for leadership going forward. But what moves me, on a personal level, is something I don’t often emphasize: Ro’s openness and ownership of his heritage.

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    Boxer Sarita Devi, Coaches Suspended for Protest at Incheon

    Lausanne, Switzerland: L. Sarita Devi, who initially refused to accept a bronze medal at 2014 Asian Games bronze after losing a semifinal bout over a controversial decision, has been provisionally suspended by the International Boxing Association, known by its acronym AIBA.

    • October 22

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    When Everything Is Online Today, Why Not Health?

    Has that back pain you’ve been ignoring for so long become worse? Is the acidity you thought would go away on its own still burning inside? Is your hair loss becoming more noticeable by the day?

    • October 20
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    A Student’s Path to Becoming a 21st-Century Global Manager

    I always wanted to be a manager in the long term and liked to engage in solving complex problems. With this aim, I worked hard alongside my engineering education to gain many relevant soft skills. I wore many different hats — whether it was managing the family business, organizing events at university, preparing cases for the biggest engineering competition in Europe, participating in a strategy planning competition at the national level, leading a multicultural team, advising a startup in their expansion plans or writing grant applications to get funding from the EU.

    • October 16
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    Hrithik Roshan Turns Model at Myntra Fashion Weekend

    Mumbai — For the first time ever, Hrithik Roshan walked the ramp and displayed his newly-launched active lifestyle apparel and casual wear brand HRX, Oct. 5 during Myntra Fashion Weekend. The actor walked the ramp on the final day, dressed in a casual T-shirt with a blue coat and khaki pants.

    • October 14

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    My 6,000-Mile Journey to Introduce ‘My Suruchi Chili Sauce’

    When I think back on growing up in Calcutta, one of my favorite memories is of visiting my aunt. Each time we’d visit, she would shower us with love and with amazing, delicious food — many different sauces and pickles, the foods that I later realized people know to be the most exquisite forms of Bengali cuisine.

    • October 10