India’s oldest LGBT organization, The Humsafar Trust, presented Mumbai’s first LGBT-themed dance drama “Hyacinth,” directed by celebrity dance maestro Sandip Soparrkar.

“I felt humbled and truly honored to receive a standing ovation at the premier show of Hyacinth,” Spoarrkar said in a statement. “There were veterans from the field of theater, dance and film in the audience all crying, smiling and applauding. I am completely overwhelmed.”

As per Greek mythology, Hyacinth (Raj Kumar Singh) is a beautiful youth and lover of the god Apollo (Mithun Purandare). Hyacinth is also admired by West Wind, Zephyrus (Yuvraj Parashar). They both propose to this beautiful youth and clamor for his love and attention by trying to impress him. What follows is an amazing story of love, jealousy and repentance to bring out the universality of love.

The story was narrated by the Sutradhar, Love, played by Jesse Randhawa, and was written, choreographed and directed by Soparrkar and his team of Ankita Dolawat and Ashutosh Arya.

“‘Hyacinth’ highlights the emotional journey of same-sex couples,” said Pallav Patankar, director of HIV programs with HST. “All the talk on Section 377 dehumanizes us, and only speaks of us as sexual objects. But we are actually fighting for the need of companionship, to be able to find love without the criminal tag.”

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