Mumbai — Actor Aamir Khan, who is also the chief donor of the My Marathi project, released a book titled “My Marathi” for communicative Marathi for beginners’ level one at the University of Mumbai. The book is an initiative of the Department of German at the University of Mumbai and Granthali, a respected name in the Marathi publishing business since 1974.

Said Khan, “I want to congratulate all the people who worked together to bring out this book. I am very happy that this book has been released. It will prove extremely helpful to many people like me who do not know the language.”

He added, “I am surprised that the Maharashtra government never thought of doing something like this to popularize Marathi language. I am also surprised that the University of Mumbai’s Department of German spearheaded this project and not the Department of Marathi. I am sure the Ministry of Culture can take huge steps to carry out more such projects in Maharashtra.”

“My Marathi” uses the latest integrated communicative techniques for teaching Marathi to non-native speakers. Five more books up to level six will be released in the future.

University of Mumbai vice-chancellor Dr. Rajan Welukar and guest of honor Michael Siebert, consul-general of the Federal Republic of Germany, were also present.

According to Dr. Vibha Surana, head of the German department at the University of Mumbai, though there is a lot of political rhetoric about the use of Marathi in Maharashtra, if a non-native speaker wants to learn the language, there are no structured courses to take the learner from the beginner to the most advanced stage of language proficiency.

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