Anil Kapoor

It took over 50 hours to finalize Anil Kapoor’s salt-pepper look in “Fanney Khan” that also stars Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. (photo provided)

MUMBAI—Anil Kapoor, who has time and again set an example of reinventing himself despite the passage of years, now plays an aspiring musician in KriArj Entertainment’s and Rakeysh OmPrakash Mehra’s “Fanney Khan.”

While the star has everyone intrigued with his new look in the film, what very few know is that it took over 50 hours to finalize his salt-pepper look in the film. Kapoor went all out to get his look just right and after several creative discussions with the makers of the film finally zeroed in on a look that took an incredible 50 hours of total work on his hair at a popular salon in the suburbs.

Kapoor also had to go lean for his look. And since he recently suffered from an ankle injury, he had to incorporate alternative forms of workouts into his regular fitness regime and took over four weeks to achieve the desired results.

Producer Arjun N. Kapoor raved in a media release, “Anil Kapoor plays a character who celebrates the extraordinary in the ordinary, and hence looking the part was extremely crucial. He continues to inspire all of us with his dedication and passion.”

Co-producer Bhushan Kumar added, “Anil Kapoor is an actor par excellence, who gives his 200 percent to any character he portrays. The love and passion he has for films can be seen in the way he invests in getting his look right and the dedication he shows to get the perfect physique.”

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