Dharmendra Dubbing

Dharmendra's first short film, “The Dreamcatcher,” is a collaboration between Indian and Australian film-making companies. (photo provided)

MUMBAI—Veteran actor Dharmendra, who has been acting for 57 years now, is taking part in a digital medium for the first time. From 3-hours-plus movies to web shorts, this actor-producer, who has also tried his hand at lyrics writing and has started post-production and recording studios as well, has done everything and has got – in sackfuls – the love of the masses.

His first short film, “The Dreamcatcher,” also has an underlying message and is quite relevant to today’s times and its realities. This short film is a collaboration between Indian and Australian film-making companies, having Australian actor Travis Jeffery and Pooja Priyanka who is an Ex-Miss Fiji.

On the occasion, Dharmendra mentioned that daughters are as special to their fathers as fathers are to them. “A father is every daughter’s first hero, No matter where she is, a father will always be a guardian to her, because daughters are forever!” he said.

Director Santoshh Shivamm said, “I am sure Dharam-ji featuring in a short film carries not only uniqueness but thoughtfulness, too. As a director, I needed authentication from a senior of his stature for a lesser duration format. Short films need nurturing and responsible storytelling. It is a blessing that I got this opportunity to work with a living legend. We are working day and night to complete the story of a techno-savvy father who can go to any lengths to be sure that no harm comes to his daughter with respect to the choices she makes in life.”

Rahul B Seth, who is the writer and composer of this project, was also present at the session. Anurag Prasad is co-producer.

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