MUMBAI — Now they are together, and then they are not. This on-and-off relationship trend among celebrities does not come as a surprise to anyone. Most famous people choose to keep their relationship under wraps until they are truly ready to face the paparazzi’s cameras. The alleged breakup of actress Anushka Sharma and cricketer Virat Kohli made headlines recently, though the two remained mum about their relationship status. 

Sharma was pictured leaving a restaurant with Kohli, sparking reconciliation rumors. This is the first time that the duo have been spotted together in public since their breakup in February. Sharma was accompanied by Leepakshi Ellawadi, stylist for her new Yash Raj film “Sultan,” while celebrity consultant Bunty Sajdeh accompanied the ace cricketer.     

The picture, which was clicked outside a Bandra Chinese restaurant April 6, was shared by their fanclub on Twitter. While the cricketer wore a gray t-shirt and white pants, Sharma looked chic in a black crop top and pencil skirt.     

Kohli, 27, who was declared ‘Man of the Tournament’ at the just concluded T20 World Cup, looked relaxed as he made his way out of the restaurant with the 27-year-old Sharma. The two, however, left in separate cars.  

Paparazzi tracking Sharma saw her step into her car later and move to Salman Khan’s house at Galaxy Apartment for a 10-minute meeting also with Kabir Khan, followed by a visit to Sohail Khan at his Pali Hill home. The buzz is that Kohli followed Sharma in his car to Salman Khan's house, because he wanted to meet Salman Khan, as he is a fan of the superstar. 

Sajdeh happens to be Sohail Khan’s brother-in-law, and the buzz is also that Salman Khan could have been a peacemaker now that Sharma and Salman Khan are working together in a Yash Raj film. It is said that Kohli, since he began dating Sharma in mid-2013, became buddies with her producer-brother Karnesh, and the friendship went on after their split, which became final after they un-followed each other on Twitter. And Karnesh too might have had a hand in their possible reunion.

The Indian cricketer recently lashed out at social media trolls for targeting Sharma, saying those who blame her for anything negative in his cricket career should be ashamed of themselves.

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