Golmaal Again

The “Golmaal Again” team has thanked fans who reported more than 20,000 pirated links to the film. (Golmaal Movie/Twiter photo)

MUMBAI—The “Golmaal” fans went out of their way to stop piracy by reporting more than 20,000 pirated links. Rohit Shetty came back with a bang this Diwali with “Golmaal Again,” the fourth installment of the much-loved franchise. Fans all across the nation had been waiting with baited breath for “Golmaal Again” ever since it was announced, and Shetty and the team did not disappoint them.

The film has crossed Rs 185 crore in India itself, making it Ajay Devgn’s biggest-ever grosser. The film also received an overwhelming response across the globe. In fact, a lot of the high business has to do with the piracy being curtailed, in a first to this extent, by viewers not falling into the temptation of watching cheap, pirated versions.

Shetty stated, “I am humbled by the way fans have responded to ‘Golmaal Again.’ My team and I have put our blood and sweat into making this film and to see this kind of a positive response from a worldwide audience has been overwhelming.” The team has put up a video on Twitter and also mailed the same to the media about how the people have found the film.

He added, “We should think about how we can take Hindi films to the next level. The success of my film not only belongs to me, but to the fraternity as a whole. The business of the film reflects the number of people who have watched the film and loved it. A large segment of the audience watching the film is crucial for the product. Business is important not just for the films’ producers, but for the whole industry – the distributor, exhibitor and theatre owners. I think, as an industry, we should come together, compliment and celebrate each other’s success whether it’s a commercial film or an offbeat content-driven movie.”

As a director and producer, Rohit Shetty is trying his best to push the envelope and take Hindi cinema to the next level. “The amount of business Tamil and Telugu films do in just one state, we are not able to achieve that even with a pan-India release. It is high time we stop differentiating films as commercial and content-driven. We should think about how we can take our films to the next level,” he added.

“Golmaal Again” was produced and directed by Rohit Shetty Picturez in association with Reliance Entertainment and Mangl Murti Films. A sequel will be made soon as well.

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