MUMBAI — Four singles, four Goafest Advertising Awards, over 10 million views and an honorary Webby Award: India’s first transgender band, the Brooke Bond Red Label 6 Pack Band, has been quite a force on the Internet and off it for some months. And with its fifth single, “Ae Raju,” Hrithik Roshan, has joined forces with them.

Roshan is shown making the world a more welcoming place for India’s first transgender band, true to the philosophy of Brooke Bond Red Label, sponsors for the band. This philosophy is also echoed by Roshan’s lifestyle brand, HRX, whose motto “Defeat defeat” motivates the members of the band to be superheroes in their own right.

Treated in a unique, comic book style, the video of the song is set to be a talking-point. The Brooke Bond Red Label 6 Pack Band was launched by Y-Films (the youth division of Yash Raj Films), and this video has music by Shameer Tandon, who is also the project curator. The lyrics have been co-written by the late C. Manikantan and Tandon. The video is directed by Nupur Bhargava and Hitesh Kewalya of Invisible Rabbit. The band constitutes Asha Jagtap, Bhavika Patil, Chandni Suvarnakar, Fida Khan, Komal Jagtap and Ravina Jagtap. Their music videos can be seen exclusively on

Says Roshan, “I think that one of the main causes of anxiety in society as a whole is the feeling of differentiation between people. It’s important to feel connected to people around you, and we cannot just reject them just because they are different from us. I’ve been following the 6 Pack Band, and, when I heard that they are creating a meaningful message in a fun, entertaining way, I had to be a part of it. Shooting with them was an amazing experience.”

Says Ashish Patil of Y-Films, “Hrithik is one of the most inspiring stars of our generation who doesn’t just walk the talk, but hell, dances the song when he says he believes in equality, respect and love for all! Big claps to him for the spirit with which he made the band and, in turn, the community, feel like they belong and dancing the way only he can, though he is recovering from a serious leg injury.”

Watch the "Ae Raju" music video:

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