MUMBAI — This is not about liking Indian, Chinese or Continental. Or even about a yen for shrikhand, bhel-puri, pizza or spring rolls.

We stumbled upon an old article in a Mumbai tabloid that listed a few weird food combinations that celebs came to find accidentally and now love. Varun Dhawan, today’s heartthrob, eats bread with Coke when he gets a sugar rush! Interestingly enough, this writer would eat this very combination for months when he was a teenager! If a guarantee is needed for the lovely fizzy pairing, I am ready to give it.

Swara Bhaskar may have taught her reel daughter to score well in her examinations in “Nil Battey Sannata,” but, in real life, her father taught her to eat the strange combination of mango slices with dahi-chawal (curds and rice).

Sooraj Pancholi was on a strict diet when he decided to eat something sweet and healthy at the same time, and discovered the combination of avocado with dark chocolate!

But Jacqueline Fernandez’s chance discovery can make you go bananas — literally! She knew only to make toasted bread as a child, and one day she put banana in between the slices just for variety — and found a combination she still loves to eat!

Sonu Sood was shooting with Jackie Chan for “Kung Fu Yoga” in China, and the only vegetarian food this hardcore Punjabi could have there was rice, tofu and omelets. He decided to mix them together!

Finally, while experimenting in the kitchen, Nimrat “Airlift” Kaur happened to mix vanilla ice cream with tomato ketchup. “Oddly enough, I got hooked to the pairing!” says the actress!

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