MUMBAI—John Abraham is doing a film that is based on the successful nuclear test done in Pokhran in 1998. The film is being directed by Abhishek Sharma (he had earlier directed the “Tere Bin Laden” franchise), who had been researching this subject for over three years now. Abraham’s banner JA Entertainment is now all set to produce the film in association with Kriarj Entertainment, which has made the successful “Rustom,” for which Akshay Kumar, a close friend of Abraham, won the National award.

In a media release, Abraham said, “I have never been in a hurry to produce films. I have been reading and searching for subjects that are disruptive yet engaging stories, which must resonate with current social, political and economic moods of the country. Finding stories that reflect this takes time, and this film fits perfectly with my pursuit. I am happy to start my association with Prernaa and Arjun N Kapoor with this film.”

Speaking about Abraham, the film’s producer, Arjun N. Kapoor, said, “John, in spite of being such a big star, is definitely one of the most down-to-earth and humble beings you will ever come across. Having established himself as someone who picks meritorious content, we are glad we have been able to zero in on a subject about the resilience and gumption shown by our national agencies to achieve one of the most critical achievements of the 20th century. This will be our tribute to those men and women who selflessly serve our country and do not expect any accolades in return.”

The script has been written by Saiwyn Quadros and Sanyuktha Chawla Shaikh, the writing team of the acclaimed “Neerja.” Shooting will start on Apr. 20 and the film will release on Dec. 8.

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