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A new AIB video starring Kangana Ranaut takes hilarious pot shots at the workings of the Hindi film industry. (YouTube screengrab)

The Indian film industry which is not used to even thinly-coded digs is having a hard time digesting Kangana Ranaut’s valiant efforts to thrive in the male-dominated industry on her own terms.

In a new satirical and bold video, “The Bollywood Diva,” which is blowing up social media, Ranaut captures every problem that she thinks plagues Bollywood. In a nutshell, this video in collaboration with the comedy collective, All India Bakchod, describes the battles and the controversies that the actress has been embroiled in in the last few months, ever since she termed filmmaker Karan Johar as a “movie mafia” and a “flagbearer of nepotism” on his show, “Koffee with Karan.”

In the video, which comes just two days before the release of her hotly anticipated film, “Simran,” Ranaut reminds Bollywood about its practice of gender pay inequality and inherent sexism, points out how star fathers launch their kids’ careers (this one was definitely a dig at Hrithik Roshan, whom she claims to have once dated), objectify actresses, do not consider a heroine more than a prop – though that one has been changing a little of late – and almost always resort to titillating dance numbers.

The hilarious rendition, with its catchy hook, “Coz I Have a Vagina Re, Na Sunte Meri,” is set to the tune of Jacqueline Fernandez’s song, “Chittiyan Kalaiyan Ve,” and is shot in a typical Bollywood film style song and dance sequence. In the parody video, she spares no one – from Karan Johar to Hrithik Roshan to Shah Rukh Khan.

A look at some of the hilarious one liners: “Mann Ja Ve, Mera Role Badha De, Mann Ja Ve, Kaach Ki Ceiling Gira De, Sirf Chaddi Mein Nachaiyaan Ve” or “Cleavage Front Page Pe Chapaiyan Ve” or “Put Your Name Before The Hero Still Your Paycheck Has More Zeroes.” (The last line references to how Shah Rukh Khan made sure Deepika Padukone’s name was mentioned before his in “Chennai Express”).

Another known but interesting aspect that she hints at in the song, which has been viewed over two-and-half million times since it was posted Sept. 11, is how actors over 50 still get to romance actresses half their age while the opposite is unthinkable. She also pointedly remarks that leading actresses at one point are now selling detergents and soaps on television while their co-stars are dominating the industry. She sings, “Main Toh Hun Itni Young, Iss Buddhe ke Sang, Buzurg Hai Mera Piya, It’s Almost Pedophilia.”

She saves the best pun for the last: every actor or actress in Bollywood is replaceable and hence the silence on issues that Ranaut doesn’t shy away from.

Watch “The Bollywood Diva” song here:

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