Kareena Kapoor Khan

Kareena Kapoor Khan walked the ramp for designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee at the Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2016 grand finale in Mumbai Aug. 28. (Manav Manglani photo)

MUMBAI — She made her debut with a de-glam role in “Refugee.” Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan said the new generation of actors at times tend to forget their actual job and get caught in the style game.

“It is all about an Instagram picture nowadays. During Karisma’s time, it was more about hard work, the talent and a lot of other things. But now the younger lot at times focuses more on looking good rather than polishing themselves as an actor. Things should not work like this.

Cinema is not only about fashion; it is about acting, working on the role. Fashion is just a small part of it,” Kareena Kapoor Khan said.

She feels the reason for the shift in focus is the growing digital space. The actress said the fact that a celebrity can be clicked without even being pre-informed has made everyone conscious.

“It is because of the digital days. You step out, and there are hundreds of cameras waiting to click you. Nobody asks you even before clicking a picture. Everybody has a mobile phone. There are so many blogs and Web sites — everybody is giving their comments and verdicts. That in a way forces actors to pay more attention to the ‘looking good’ part," she lamented.

However, she does not get bothered by it, as she is not on social media. Kareena Kapoor Khan said women should not worry about being judged, as it’s their time.

“Women are experimenting more with their looks. Everybody wants to up their game. Everybody is trying to wear different clothes. Men are more about comfort. But I feel women should also be like that. They will end up looking good anyway without making an extra effort if they are easy in their clothes. They should not listen to what people say.

“People will always be there judging them. This is women’s era, and we should be strong enough to do whatever we want to and feel good about ourselves without giving a damn about what others think of us,” she asserted.

Kareena Kapoor Khan says she would prefer to focus on her acting and choice of roles instead of putting all her energy into looking good whenever she steps out of her home.

The 35-year-old “Ki and Ka” star said she is no different from any normal girl, and her aim is to be known for her good work and not just as a pretty face.

“Looking good always is not important for me. I am as normal as anyone out there. Sometimes I even get out with my slippers on, which everybody around me gets annoyed by. I can’t be in hair and makeup always.

“I can’t step out of my bed looking like a fashion diva. My job is to act and not look pretty 24/7. I would prefer to be judged for my acting skills. I am not supposed to be a doll,” Kareena Kapoor Khan told PTI.

The actress walked the ramp for designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee at the Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2016 grand finale.

Kareena Kapoor Khan, who is pregnant with her and husband Saif Ali Khan’s first child, became emotional while taking a long walk and said the moment was very special for her, as she and the baby took to the ramp together for the first time.

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