Tum Bin 2

L-r: Neha Sharma and Aditya Seal in “Tum Bin 2.”

Well now, what could a flop-riddled filmmaker do than revisit his debut and only hit film (barring the superlative but average performing fluke “Dus”) after 15 years to come up with what is purported to be a sequel in spirit — “Tum Bin 2.” A hit in his career was urgently necessary, and sequels of successful films have some quantum of inbuilt guarantee.

In this case, however, if we know our audience, at the theatrical footfalls level, this is grossly unlikely to happen. The production company is shrewd in budgeting and marketing and just might recover costs and make a tiny profit from extra-theatrical sources, say certain sources in the trade. But at the box office, the chances are meager for the film making the popular grade.

The trouble is, sequels are double-edged weapons. Along with the success quotient, there is that lethal angle that if a sequel isn’t better, it is unlikely to work. Most filmmakers mistakenly make the sequels bigger (in canvas, mounting and finally budget) when the consumer actually wants them BETTER, not necessarily bigger!

Besides that, this specific film is a concealed remake more than a sequel, and the déjà vu element to not just “Tum Bin” but also to “Aasha” (1980), “Imtihaan” (1994), “Mohabbatein” (2000 — one of the four stories) and so on is so strong that the only audience that will find it novel are the current GenY’s who have not been exposed to those movies, and we do not think they will really be turned on by an old-fashioned kind of love tale with an absurd climax.  

Also, as far back as in 1982, B.R. Chopra’s “Nikaah” saw the heroine (from a conservative Muslim family) protest against being treated as some kind of “object” by two heroes offering her sacrificially to each other, unmindful of her own choice in the matter! Here, we see a clumsy reprise of that, obviously minus the sensitivity and social message that women are equal to men!

Obviously, the plot will be evident now. Taran (Neha Sharma) and Amar (Aashim Gulati) are in love, but the latter is presumed dead in a skiing accident. A shattered Taran tries her best to move on. At that juncture, she is introduced to Shekhar (Aditya Seal), and he is very understanding, pulls her out of the self-imposed shell, and they gradually fall in love, only to find Amar return alive!

That two of the characters are named the same as in the first film hardly helps (after all, this one is no “Golmaal” series!), ditto the re-creation of the most popular song from the earlier film, “Koi Fariyaad.” For a musical, as I have had occasion to say so (unfortunately) multiple times before, a mediocre or worse music score is calamitous, which is what happened here.

It also does not help that the two leading men are not star material at all, though their acting (especially Seal’s) is alright. In the older film, none had star potential either, but Priyanshu was a very good actor and Himanshu Malik and Rakesh Bapat fitted their limited roles. Sharma tries to focus on histrionics rather than on her oomph factor (as in most of her earlier films) but succeeds only in part. Kanwaljeet Singh and the girls playing Taran’s sisters are efficient and their interactions interesting, but otherwise, after “Rock On 2” (which has not even performed on par with 2016’s biggest dud so far, “Mirzya”) and “Force 2,” we complete a hat trick of sequels in eight days that have been made to cash in on earlier movies but hardly do credit to those who made them — or to their originals.

Rating: **

T-Series presents “Tum Bin 2”

Produced by: Bhushan Kumar

Written and directed by: Anubhav Sinha

Music: Ankit Tiwari, Arko and Nikhil-Vinay

Starring: Neha Sharma, Aditya Seal, Aashim Gulati, Kanwaljeet Singh and others

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