Tiger Shroff has been styled in a way that he resembles his father Jackie Shroff in a new song from “Munna Michael.” The song is titled “Ding Dang.”

MUMBAI – Actor Tiger Shroff has filmed a new song in “Munna Michael” and he says it’s a tribute to his father and film industry veteran Jackie Shroff.

“The song is a tribute to my father (Jackie Shroff). There is no better way I could have done it than as his Munna. Dad is my buddy, my first hero...He’s the reason I’m here. That’s why for this character I’m trying to live his life,” Tiger said in a statement.

Titled “Ding Dang,” the song starring Tiger and debutante Nidhhi Agerwal, was shot on top of a bus in Film City here. It is choreographed by Ganesh Acharya.

“We styled Tiger in a manner similar to his father back in the day. The dance moves have also been designed keeping Jaggu dada in mind. Tiger somewhat looks like his dad from ‘Hero.’ He has even spoken in that ‘lukkha’ lingo and does it well,” said Sabbir Khan, the film’s director.

Tiger’s mother Ayesha Shroff said that her son and her husband share personality traits and features.

“When I saw the ‘Munna Michael’ song that he shot last week, I was stunned. He has paid homage to Jackie and how! Tiger totally reminds me of Jackie from ‘Hero,’ particularly the stubble, hairdo, his eyes and the clothes. It’s amazing how he’s pulled it off,” she said.

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