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Ashima Pictures’ short film “Ishq Ki Dava” starring Mayank Singh, also the director of the production house, is an adaptation of O. Henry’s “The Love-Philtre of Ikey Schoenstein.” (YouTube screenshot photo)

MUMBAI—After “The Last Leaf”-based “Lootera,” British writer O. Henry’s story has inspired another Hindi film. We can now get more of his magic in Ashima Pictures’ short film “Ishq Ki Dava.”

Adapted and directed by Mayank Singh and co-directed by Silky Agarwal, the founders of Ashima Pictures, this film is an adaptation of O. Henry’s “The Love-Philtre of Ikey Schoenstein.” The film stars Singh himself, playing the doctor dispensing ‘love medicine.’

Said Singh, “We have always believed that a lot of O. Henry’s stories can work in the Indian milieu if adapted well. “Ishq Ki Dava” is our attempt to bring one of my favorite stories to screen.”

The film has been set in rural India. Added Agarwal: “This is our first attempt at adapting someone else’s story. While we have been working on a lot of our original stories in the theatre, we are now also excited about adapting more such stories for the Indian audience, which is looking to consume differentiated content on digital platforms.”

Having started their journey in the theatre circuit with their group Ashima Theater Group, Singh and Agarwal ventured into audio-video entertainment more than a year ago when their web series “A Frustrated Software Engineer” went viral.

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