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The entire cast of “Race 3” is seen at the film’s trailer launch event May 15 in Mumbai. (photo provided)

MUMBAI — Ahead of the “Race 3” trailer release, the makers released many character posters of the actors. Teasing his many fans on Twitter about the delay in releasing the trailer, Salman Khan wrote, “Sach Batau (Can I tell you the truth?) We were not ready with the #Race3Trailer. Is liye itne posters banaye. But Intezar ka fal meetha hota hai (That’s why we made so many posters, but the rewards of waiting are sweet). The #Race3 trailer coming to u on May 15. And I promise u the wait will be worth it.”  

Director Remo D’Souza had earlier said, “I don’t have words to express how it feels to work with Salman. As a director, I can’t say that it was amazing, really, there are no words. You have to be with him, be on the set. When you stand before him, then you realize what you are doing.”

The trailer launch of “Race 3” was covered live in a 360-degree format: that is, the coverage was streamed online simultaneously on Facebook and Twitter. This is the first time any Hindi film has attempted such a feat. Said a Tips spokesperson, “Salman Khan’s fan frenzy is unparalleled. Taking this love and affection further, we wanted every fan to experience the trailer of “Race 3,” especially those who could not be physically present. We wanted to do something different for the fans this time and it starts with this unique visual experience.”

Khan (also co-producer with Salman Khan Films) along with the entire cast, including Jacqueline Fernandez, Daisy Shah, Bobby Deol, Saqib Saleem and Anil Kapoor, launched the trailer.  

At the trailer launch, to begin with, here are some quotable quotes:

Bobby Deol on Salman Khan: “Mamu (Salman Khan) is my angel. He is someone who believed in me. I have been largely away from films but kept myself fit because a role can come any time. And Salman called up one day and said, “Shirt utarega (Will you remove your shirt for me)?” 

Khan on Bobby Deol, “When I look at how he is in such good shape, I think he should be called Body Deol!”

Jacqueline Fernandez on reuniting with Khan:

“I owe a lot to Salman, I owe everything to him. “Kick” was a turning-point in my life. It’s a dream to work with him.”

Khan on watching “Race” and “Race 2”:

“I admit I had no time to watch both films, but in a way it’s good I didn’t watch them. I could add my own inputs!”

Mention was made at the launch about a compulsory date with the gym for all the cast — if the shoot was at 9 a.m., they were to hit the gym between 4 and 7 a.m. as per director Remo D’Souza’s strict orders. D’Souza smiled and denied this, while Anil Kapoor, replying to a query about being the first to reach the gym and the last to leave, stated that he would do cardio, but wished he had a body like Bobby Deol and Khan.

However, he admitted that when he watched himself and both of them, in fact, all the cast in the film in 3D, he loved it and was thrilled that films like these were now made in India.

Khan revealed that it was the 3D part that delayed the trailer launch, which is why he kept teasing his fans on Twitter, till as late as the day before. He also added that they purchased 16 cars in Abu Dhabi and wished they could all share them later. “But now all we will get of them will be small parts, as they were all blown up!” he quipped.

Deol admitted that it was his dream to watch himself in 3D and this was fulfilled. “It was lovely to reunite with Ramesh-ji again after “Soldier” and “Naqaab,” and also to actually work with Saquib as well. We would play sports together, and I would call him Munna then! I never even knew what his name was!”

Director D’Souza said that at no point was he apprehensive about pulling off a high-action film though he has done completely different films in the past. “I got all my confidence from this cast and my team to pull it off,” he smiled.

Saquib Saleem recalled how he had watched “Race” a decade ago when he was in Standard XII. “We went 15 minutes before the 2.30 show time and did not realize that the earlier show was on and we were watching the climax! So, when our show began, we all started thinking how that end could be possible given what was happening!”

Khan addressed villain Freddy Daruwala as “Metro” as in the film he plays a “metrosexual.”

Jacqueline Fernandez revealed how for the first time she had gone all out to do action, despite doing many action-packed films. “I even have a nasty catfight with Daisy Shah on screen, and she kicks really hard!” Shah replied, “I had my ankle fractured a bit before the schedule, and during the shoot, I felt a twitch on my ankle again. That was Jackie!” Fernandez smilingly admitted that yes, she had slipped more often.

And when Ramesh Taurani denied feeling nervous about the film’s release by pointing out to Khan’s presence in the film, Khan guffawed as if he knew that Taurani was really meaning something different but pretending to be cool!

Watch the trailer for “Race 3” here:


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