MUMBAI — Priyanka ​​Chopra and director Rajesh Mapuskar have teamed up for “Ventilator,” Priyanka Chopra’s maiden production in Marathi. The trailer was launched Oct. 15 at the Novotel in Mumbai. The Nov. 4 release marks Mapuskar’s debut in Marathi as well as the return of Ashutosh Gowariker as an actor to Marathi films after 18 years.

Zee Studios associates with Priyanka Chopra’s Purple Pebble Pictures and producers Priyanka Chopra and Madhu Chopra to depict the beautifully chaotic journey of the Kamerkar family.

The film tells the story of the Kamerkar family. Every year, the Kamerkar family comes together in their ancestral village to celebrate with aplomb the festival of Ganpati. This year, with three days to go for the festival, a doyen of the family, the much-loved Gaju kaka, goes into a coma. He is put on life support on a ventilator — and chaos ensues.

Talking about associating with the film, Priyanka Chopra said: “From the minute I heard the script, I knew I wanted to make this film. It’s one single moment that defines the rest of the film. It is funny, ironical and a deeply moving tale that will leave you laughing and crying. I am very lucky to have such a talented collection of actors coming together for my debut Marathi production.”

Said co-producer Madhu Chopra at the launch: “This film is a fun, family fiesta that promises to be a lot of fun. The film also gives out a strong message.”

Watch the “Ventilator” trailer:

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