Mumbai — Priyanka Chopra, who is turning producer with Madhur Bhandarkar’s “Madamji,” says she wants to promote and encourage new talent.

Chopra, 32, is also starring in the film as a female lead.

"I am really happy Madhur agreed to be the director in my first home production. It is a big and new step for me in a new direction. As a producer I want to make great films," Chopra said in an interview here.

"I wanted to make films, but I never thought I would make a film starring me. I want to tell small, good stories but this (‘Madamji’) came as a great opportunity to establish the production house.

“I want to promote new talent whether it is actors, directors or writers. I think we need to promote newer talent, help them," she said.

Chopra started off her career in showbiz as a model, went on to become an actress and then a singer and now she has set up her production house.

"I like evolving and changing. I don’t know where I will go and what I will do next, but things eventually happen — like I never thought I would turn musician and producer. I am spontaneous and I am instinctive," Chopra said.

“Madamji” is the story of an item girl who becomes a top politician.

Asked if she will be thinking of numbers and box-office collections as a producer, she said, "I don’t understand numbers. I get confused. It is tricky. When the film releases, someone will call and tell me about the numbers and the opening. I don’t understand trade. I get very thrown off.

"But as a producer, my math is good — budgeting and all I can do very well. I have a great team in place and they help me." 

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