MUMBAI — Here are 10 cogent reasons why “Judwaa 2” is special for everyone involved:

1. Sajid Nadiadwala and David Dhawan are joining forces for the third time in “Judwaa 2,” the sequel to their 1997 hit “Judwaa.” In 2004, they had collaborated on “Mujhse Shaadi Karogi,” another hit.

2. Though the film is a sequel in spirit, as the leading man, Varun Dhawan, will be in a double role with two leading ladies just like in the earlier film — it is not a continuation in story.

3. “Judwaa 2,” being scripted by Sajid-Farhad — directors associated with comedy makers like Sajid Khan, Rohit Shetty and themselves — is an original subject, while the first film was a remake of the South hit “Hello Brother,” incidentally a title used later for a 1999 Salman Khan home production. “Hello Brother,” in turn, was inspired by the Jackie Chan film “Twin Dragons” (1992).

4. Varun Dhawan considers it his most special film to come, as it is being directed by his father, whom he calls the center of his universe. Dhawan Sr. had also directed Dhawan Jr. in the 2014 hit “Main Tera Hero.”

5. Varun Dhawan says: “After making over 50 films in 27 years, my father has nothing left to prove, so he can make a film from his heart.” He enjoys the processes of script discussions and other details with his father. This is also Varun Dhawan’s second film with Nadiadwala after this year’s caper “Dishoom.”

6. Salman Khan, the original “Judwaa,” was keen that Varun Dhawan do the role(s) here and will make a special appearance as the “godfather ‘gunda’ (ruffian)” to the two onscreen. Khan had also done a voice-over in “Main Tera Hero” as God, with whom Varun Dhawan has intermittent conversations!

7. Khan has acted in seven more movies helmed by Dhawan Sr. and several films produced by his buddy Nadiadwala, who also made his directorial debut with Khan’s “Kick” in 2013. The Khan-Dhawan-Nadiadwala combo has always succeeded, and all except two of his films with David Dhawan were hits.

8. “Judwaa 2” will see a recreation of the hit Anu Malik track from “Judwaa” — “Tan Tanatan Tan Tan Tara,” sung by Abhijeet and written by Nitin Raikwar. So even if Malik is not doing the rest of the music, he will complete a hat-trick with the Khan-Dhawan-Nadiadwala combo by default!

9. The film’s dialogues will be laced with ‘tapori’ (Mumbai’s vernacular slang) lines spoken by the principal characters, just like in the first film.

10. “Judwaa 2” is an ambitious commercial film that will be shot on a grand scale with beach locations in the Mediterranean. Knowing how Dhawan has made his last two films, “Chashme Baddoor” and “Main Tera Hero,” visually stunning, this one will be a feast to watch out for.

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