“Kaabil” movie poster. 

MUMBAI — Anticipation for the latest Hrithik Roshan film “Kaabil” (releasing Jan. 26, 2017) is building up, and the promos and even a song are out. Shrewd producer Rakesh Roshan has played it smart, and the film’s economics have been designed so that the film will be a “clean” hit, meaning that everyone in the chain from producer to exhibitor will reap profits.

Even the film’s promotional campaign calls director Sanjay Gupta’s “Kaabil” a “small film with a big heart.” And while Roshan Jr.’s “Bang Bang!” and “Mohenjo Daro” were too expensive to recover their investment, “Kaabil” has been sold only for Rs. 50 crore for Indian theatrical rights and another Rs. 15 crore for overseas rights. The music rights have also been sold at a good price, and a nice satellite rights amount is expected.

Hrithik Roshan movies are normally sold for Rs. 80 crore and up, but, since Roshan Sr. ensured his own set of distributors instead of working with corporate houses, the prices have been kept in check, as with most films from his production company, Filmkraft Productions.

The Roshans have also begun work on “Krrish 4,” and promise a heavy dose of action and VFX.

“We will start shooting next year in April or May 2017, or maybe in 2018. It’s a huge project. We need to work on VFX, and that too within our budget. But it should be appealing enough for the audience,” Roshan Sr. recently told PTI.

The Roshans plan to rope in an international action director for the film, and want to scale up both the action and VFX.

“We want to show something that is not done yet,” said the filmmaker.

The germ of the idea for “Krrish 4” was born after Rakesh Roshan’s wife showed him a picture of Lord Ganesh that had the face of “Krrish,” but the director is not willing to reveal the plot. The search for the female lead has already begun. 

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