Salman Khan

Salman Khan speaks at the TiE Global Summit in Mumbai on Feb. 22. Khan said that he can't afford that luxury of being depressed or sad or emotional because an actor has to focus on the work no matter what he is going through. (IANS photo)

MUMBAI—Superstar Salman Khan, who is busy shooting for his upcoming film "Race 3," says he cant afford the luxury of being depressed or emotional.

Apart from giving a number of blockbusters, Khan is also known for launching new faces in the film industry and doing charity work through his 'Being Human Foundation.'

What makes him so selfless and keeps him going?

"When I was 15-16 (years old), I started partying and stuff like that because that's the age when everyone parties. When I was in college, I used to assist in films, and then I started working as a model too," Salman Khan said at the TiE Global Summit (TGS) 2018 here on Feb. 22.

Going down memory lane, he said: "One day, Mr. Kailash Surendranath (advertising filmmaker) made me face the camera for the first time. It was for his Campa Cola advertisement, so, he used to take me out for parties."

"One day, he kept his arm around me and said ‘Salman, I don't think you should waste your time by spending your father's money.' Though he said that jokingly, I didn't take that as a joke. Straight after that, I started working, and till today, I don't take holidays."

If he is not doing films or not feeling well then also he keeps himself busy.

"I see a lot of people going on vacations, but I cannot afford that luxury of taking a vacation. I see a lot of people getting depressed and emotional, but I can't afford that luxury of being depressed or sad or emotional because no matter what I am going through, it works against me," he said.

The "Tiger Zinda Hai" star said an actor's life does not have any "sub-titles" to show what he is going through at any stage of his life.

"My profession is such that I have to look good, dress up well, do stylised action sequences and romance. My articles come on affairs, me working with beautiful heroines and then suddenly a court date comes up. People see me on 'Bigg Boss' in which I am laughing and joking," said the reality show's host.

"So, people think that he doesn't give a damn about things. That is the most difficult part about our journey as actors. No matter what you are going through at your home or your personal life, you can't have sub-titles there. You have to be that character, no matter what you are going through, you have to forget that and you have to focus on your craft," he added.

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