Bigg Boss 11

Salman Khan at the launch of the 11th season of “Bigg Boss” at Tarapore Gardens in Mumbai’s Andheri on Sept. 26. Khan returns as the host of the celebrity reality show. (photo provided)

MUMBAI—Salman Khan returns as the host for the eighth season in a row this year in Aap Ka Colors’ “Bigg Boss” premiering on Oct. 1. Subsequent episodes will air Monday through Friday at 2230 hours and Saturday and Sunday at 2100 hours in India. The 11th season was launched on Sep. 26 at Tarapore Gardens in Mumbai’s Andheri.

Said the press release that was sent a day after the launch, “In our lifetime, we all come across a vivid breed of neighbors with whom we share a love-hate relationship: the greedy ones, the nuisance creators, the gossipmongers and sometimes the close confidants with whom we share our day-to-day ordeals. Incorporating a never-seen-before twist, Aap Ka Colors is all set to present yet another extraordinary season of its marquee show, ‘Appy Fizz Presents Bigg Boss powered by OPPO Camera Phones’ (Sheesh!!!), which will roll out the red carpet for the ‘Padosis’ (neighbors) this year.”

Viewers will find a host of new neighbors in the “Bigg Boss” House, whose lives they will get to follow over a period of 90 days. The show that gives us a peek into human psychology will return with Salman Khan not only as a host but also as the neighborhood peacemaker! The world of ‘Gharwale’ and ‘Padosis’ will make this season fresh.

Speaking at the launch, Raj Nayak, COO – Viacom18, said, “Arguably the most awaited show on Indian television and a social experiment at its best, “Bigg Boss” undoubtedly has a fandom like “Super Bowl” in the West. After turning risk into a victory last season as the contrasting worlds of the common man and celebrities created unparalleled content, the entertainment abode this season comes with an even bigger twist, filled with indomitable ‘Gharwale’ and ‘Padosis.’ We’ve done impeccable casting and are certain that the universal theme of ‘neighbors’ will not only prove to be relatable but will also elicit the right kind of emotions among viewers.”

Khan said, “We all have neighbors of every kind and every hue. Some of us have wonderful memories of them, and some of us may have not so good ones. “Bigg Boss” is one show that the country awaits with bated breath along with my movies; and like every year, I’m thrilled to welcome the new contestants into the Bigg Boss house. The theme is very refreshing, and we have a full entertainment package coming up for the viewers.”

Giving a deeper perspective on the upcoming season, Manisha Sharma, programming head, Aap Ka Colors, said, “This is a show that always creates ripples before it comes. Viewers live in anticipation throughout the year about who’ll be the contestants. After the success of the last season with a common man taking the crown, this season we are adding another layer to the theme by giving the housemates ‘padosis’ for the company. There are quite a few exciting and innovative elements getting added to the House this season, like an ‘aakhada’ (wrestling area) and a ‘kalkothri’ (isolated chamber). Viewers will be thrilled to see the way these spaces are going to be used. You will also see Salman Khan in a new avatar in terms of a host. For the first time ever, Salman will move around in the Bigg Boss neighborhood and will be staying alongside the contestants.”

Commenting on the format of the show, Deepak Dhar, managing director & CEO, Endemol Shine India, said, “Last season, we experimented with a new format and put the commoners and celebrities inside the Bigg Boss house, which created history. This season we will add another interesting spin to the drama.”

Salman Khan later said that he expects all the participants to “behave properly.” He told media persons, “I want everyone to behave properly. I know it is not easy considering the situation as all the participants are coming from different backgrounds and will be mingling for the first time. There will be friendships, politics, and so on, and we will see how people deal with tricky situations. However, they should behave!”

Asked about if there is any rule in the game that he felt should be changed, Khan replied, “I think an elimination of a contestant in the first week is not right because it takes a little time to settle down and mingle with people. So, whoever gets eliminated in the first week, I think it is unfair to them.”

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