Kedarnath Shelved

Abhishek Kapoor (center) directorial “Kedarnath” starring Sushant Singh Rajput 9left) and marking debut of Saif Ali Khan's daughter Sara Ali Khan (right) is caught in a legal battle, but has not been shelved, says producer Arjun N. Kapoor. (Abhishek Kapoor/Twitter photo)

MUMBAI—Abhishek Kapoor's directorial "Kedarnath," which is caught in a legal battle, has not been shelved, says Arjun N. Kapoor of the production house KriArj Entertainment.

"Kedarnath" was supposed to launch actor Saif Ali Khan's daughter Sara Ali Khan.

Asked if the producers kept the career of the young actress in mind while moving the Bombay High Court to enforce their rights on the film, Arjun Kapoor told IANS: "Firstly, the film is not shelved. It 'is' and not 'was.' It is very much on. I know, as a producer, that many fortunes are involved with every film."

"So Sara's career is surely important for KriArj. Not only hers but everyone involved in the film. Having said that, there was a valid reason for us to move the court and we are confident that things will be sorted out soon."

"It is just a matter of time (before) we finish the film and share it with the world," he added.

The movie was being jointly made by KriArj Entertainment, T-Series, Balaji Motion Pictures and director Abhishek Kapoor's Guy In The Sky Pictures (GITS).

While KriArj Entertainment's representatives blamed the director's unprofessional behavior and mismanagement as the reason for delay in the movie, his representatives alleged there was "lack of transparency in KriArj Entertainment's financial dealings."

KriArj Entertainment's co-founder Prernaa Arora assured everything would be "taken care of."

"We are seeking justice from the high court and, at the same time, there could be moves to come together and make the film. Anything can happen."

"'Kedarnath' is our film. We tried to figure out the right way to do things. We are nobody to speak on anybody individually, but we are waiting for the court procedure," she added.

Has its lead actor Sushant Singh Rajput being replaced?

Arora said: "No. Sushant is the hero of the film as long as 'Kedarnath' remains."

KriArj Entertainment's lawyer Lavin C. Hirani said in a statement on Saturday: "We will be moving the Bombay High Court for enforcing our rights on the film by early next week and we hope to secure the necessary reliefs from the honorable court."

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