Mumbai — Superstar Shah Rukh Khan is thankful for being conferred the “King of Bollywood” title and feels humbled to have gained respect from peers and fans alike after being in the industry all these years.

Recently, Salman Khan called Shah Rukh the “King of Bollywood.” When asked to comment, Shah Rukh said, "We all are kind to each other. We respect each other. I think what we have achieved (in our careers) — I will include myself also in it — I think whatever (name) we have earned is due to our hard work. We have been entertaining for many years."

"We don’t disrespect anyone, so all these titles and numbers don’t really matter. I think we all just hope our next film does well. So if you ask me a question like this, I am thankful to anyone who thinks of me like this anywhere in the world. God has been kind to me," the actor said, without mentioning Salman.

Shah Rukh also chose to dodge another question on Salman’s “Kick.”

The equation between the two Khans has always provided fodder to gossip mills since their fight at Katrina Kaif’s birthday bash and their eventual patch-up at an iftaar party here.

But the two superstars have never spoken ill about each other and have wished success and happiness for each other.

Shah Rukh was speaking at a promotional event for upcoming film “Mad About Dance,” a venture that he is supporting.

Shah Rukh also said his biggest dream is to make a film that everyone would be proud of.

"My maddest dream is to make the most beautiful film before I die, which everyone across the world should watch and be proud of," he told reporters.

The 48-year-old actor, also known to be a doting father to his three children, says he nurtures small dreams and wants his children to be healthy and happy.

Aug. 8 was the 17th anniversary of his hit 1997 film “Pardes” and the first anniversary of blockbuster “Chennai Express.”

On this, Shah Rukh said, "I just read about it. I think if you try to achieve greatness, then it will never happen. I treat my every film as the first and last film."

Shah Rukh, who will be next seen in Farah Khan’s star-studded “Happy New Year,” said he finds dancing difficult and can’t dance like experts.

"I don’t know dance. Even my upcoming film is about dancing. I find difficulty doing such (dance) films. I think dancing is about expressing freedom and love and dance the way you know," he said.

Actor-director Saahil Prem’s dance extravaganza “Mad About Dance” is being backed by Shah Rukh.

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