NEW DELHI — Unlike moving out in the hot and humid weather for shopping and inviting unwanted attention from her fans, actress-entrepreneur Shilpa Shetty likes to buy products online as she says e-commerce is “unparalleled” and gives her a convenient and reliable shopping experience.

“I shop everything from house stuffs, shoes, cushions, even I have bought Diwali diyas online,” Shetty told IANS.

“Who has the time to go and buy these products outside. How can I go and buy? Firstly, I hate shopping in India because of this ‘selfie’ culture as it kills my shopping experience. People forget that we are also human being. To make matters worse I’m a shopaholic. So, now things have become far more professional and today you can get products even on Sunday. The online shopping experience is mind blowing,” she added.

The 40-year-old, who was here June 24 with her husband Raj Kundra to announce their home shopping channel Best Deal TV’s tie up with e-commerce portal, said she hates going out in India as it kills her shopping experience.

“I love shopping. To be able to access a product or anything that you need and have it delivered at your doorstep is something that is unparalleled. I don’t have to waste petrol or get wet in rain to buy a product. Here on (the) Internet, I’ve an array of products to choose from. With shopping online or on TV, you have an added advantage and comfort,” Shetty, who donned denim she designed with a shirt and green stilettos, said at the launch.

The tie up between the two brands is said to provide customers a variety of celebrity-backed fashion and lifestyle products in a fast, easy, convenient and reliable way at affordable prices.

From Shetty’s designer slim-shape jeans and line of saris to Satyug Mangalsutra bracelet, Neeta Lulla’s saris and Anushka Dandekar’s line of jeggings, customers will have a wide range of products to choose from. The e-commerce portal and the channel will sell everything from fashion, fitness, home and kitchen products to beauty products and jewelry.

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