Radhika Apte (Photo provided)

MUMBAI—Radhika Apte’s latest photo-shoot, reportedly for a clothing brand, has gone viral.

Apte, who hails from Pune, and has held herself wonderfully, as a celeb, without giving in to trolls, is back in the news after a photographer shared an image what has been widely perceived as “bold,” from the actress’ latest shoot on his Instagram handle.

The actor has not commented or shared a picture from the shoot yet. But she recently told a national newspaper, “This is literally the beginning. I am still fumbling and looking at things, not knowing what to do. I feel that it’s just the beginning. When I am 70 years old, I can talk about my journey. I’m choosing my work carefully. I am looking at projects that inspire or excite me.”

Known for “Parched,” “Badlapur,” “Manjhi: The Mountain Man,” “Kabali,” “Phobia” and then forthcoming “Pad-Man,” the actress has managed to breach the gap between mainstream and niche with her performance by working with a number of A-list stars, from Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar and Varun Dhawan to Nawazuddin Siddiqui and beyond.

Daughter of eminent doctor parents, she recently told off a reporter who commented on her skin show and exposure by telling him to go look at himself in the mirror, and get comfortable with his body. Saying he was shaming others for their body because he was ashamed of his own, she added that such people are the reason why love scenes become controversial.

She had also earlier stated, “I am an artiste. If I am required to do a certain job, then I will do it. If you get out of your cocoon and look at world cinema and what people are doing abroad, you would have probably not asked this question. I am not ashamed of anything. People who are embarrassed about their own body are curious about other’s bodies. So if you want to see a naked body tomorrow, see yourself in the mirror rather than my clip. Then only can we talk about this.”

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