MUMBAI — Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon went to Whistling Woods International for International Yoga Day to encourage students on the campus June 21. Shroff and Sanon, along with WWI founder Subhash Ghai, celebrated the day as a part of the 5th Veda Initiative and performed various yoga asanas with the students, faculty and staff on campus.

The event began with the screening of videos demonstrating the techniques and benefits of yoga, followed by a performance by a student of the institute. Adding to the cultural aspect of the event, a student of the Saroj Khan Dance Academy gave a performance.

Speaking on the occasion, Shroff said, “I am not a regular practitioner of yoga as I am more inclined towards gymnastics and martial arts. But this initiative by WWI has enlightened me and I am encouraged to include yoga in my daily regime.”

Sanon, too, shared her understanding of yoga and urged everyone to inculcate it in their daily lives. She decided that she would become more regular in her practice of yoga.

Sharing the thought behind conducting this event, Ghai said, “Yoga is like an internal bath for the body, mind and soul and every individual should practice it ardently. I’ve been practicing it myself for the past 25 years. Yoga in India is considered to be around 3,500 years old as a mental, physical and spiritual practice. The youth of this country need to recognize the value of this amazing gift of our age-old culture, and how it can help them stay calm and achieve greater success in the modern world of cut-throat competition.”

As the United Nations declared June 21 International Day of Yoga, WWI joined hands with millions of other Indians to celebrate this facet of Indian culture, which not only helps with fitness, but also helps to improve mental wellness and combat stress.

Concluding the event with a gesture of thanks, Meghna Ghai Puri, president of WWI, said, “At WWI, we have regular yoga classes on the campus. Being a creative institute, yoga and meditation are an integral part of our educational philosophy.”

For Shroff, Ghai has a special meaning as a person, for it was the latter who gave his father Jackie Shroff his break as a leading man in the 1983 blockbuster “Hero.”

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