Neha Sharma

Neha Sharma plays the leading lady in “Tum Bin 2.”

MUMBAI — Neha Sharma, the leading lady of Anubhav Sinha’s “Tum Bin 2,” had a grueling experience when she had to shoot for a 41-day schedule in Scotland with a heavy prosthetic belly, which gave her a tough time. She was supposed to be pregnant in the sequences!

Initially, just a day’s shoot was planned, but, for one of those weird reasons best known only to Hindi filmmakers, the shoot was extended to 40 extra days (please do not ask why or how!).

The 41-day “reel pregnancy” had a great effect on the actress! Finally, the actress ended up carrying the baby bump around till the last day of the schedule when they got that perfect shot. Given the heaviness of the kit, Sharma started feeling like a pregnant lady and exhibiting similar body language.

Sharma recalled to a Mumbai tabloid: “One day, the boys (her co-stars) wore it for fun, but took it off immediately. They couldn’t bear the weight for more than a couple of minutes. So imagine my plight!”

Reel or real, moms sure are special!

The “Tum Bin” sequel comes 15 years after the original, but director Sinha is looking for a second hit in this time frame, when his “Dus” (2005) was an average grossing film and “RA.One” (2011) so expensive that despite making Rs. 120 crore in India alone, it lost money. The sequel in spirit follows the format of three leading men and one heroine.

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