Karan Deol

Sunny Deol and his son Karan Deol reportedly broke down while filming an action sequence near the Sagoo Waterfalls in Manali due to challenging weather conditions. (photo provided)

MUMBAI—Father-son duo Sunny and Karan Deol have been quite busy shooting for the junior Deol’s debut film “Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas” being directed by the former.

The shoot is underway in Manali since a couple of months now, and recently they were filming for a high-octane action sequence. The weather conditions were not ideal at all for the shoot, but Sunny Deol being the hard taskmaster that he is, wanted his son to do his best and make the scenes look a visual treat. Even the locals found it strenuous to work in that climate. And even though the conditions were extreme, Karan gave his best and left no stone unturned to attain perfection. So father Sunny (!) was quite content with his son Karan's performance.

Karan Deol has been preparing for the character from past two years and is practically living the life of a Manali boy. At the same time, it is not too often that a father is fortunate enough to direct his son’s debut vehicle. So it has been quite an emotional experience for Sunny Deol.

The latest buzz is how the duo broke down while filming an action sequence in Manali last week and the shooting was stalled for a while! A unit hand revealed to a local tabloid that the intense scene coupled with the challenging weather conditions near the Sagoo Waterfalls got the better of Karan Deol.

The chosen location was at an altitude of over 15,000 feet, with the temperature being minus 4 degrees Celsius. The weather conditions were challenging, and they had to shoot a high-octane action sequence where Deol and Sehar Lamba, the female lead, are shown escaping from the villains and had to hang off a cliff. The shot was difficult, to begin with, but the retakes took a toll on the actor, who broke down and rushed to his father.

Seeing his son in such a state, Sunny Deol too got teary-eyed and reportedly told him, “Sorry, son, but understand that I am doing all this for your career.” Sunny has told Karan firmly that he has to work hard. For the action scenes too, Sunny would do the rehearsals with body doubles but filmed the final scenes with his son.

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