Tabu and Ajay Devgn have known each other for 25 years, and the actress blames him for her single status. (photo provided)

MUMBAI—In an interview to a Mumbai tabloid, Tabu has stated that if she is still single, it is all due to Ajay Devgn!

No, don’t get that wrong. The actress was merely speaking on her unique relationship with the actor who she’s romancing on screen 18 years after “Thakshak” in a forthcoming new film.

Tabu’s no stranger to comedies (“Chachi 420,” “Biwi No. 1,” “Hera Pheri” et al.) and she is now also doing “Golmaal Again” with her old friend, Devgn, who also worked with her in the 2015 “Drishyam.” In both these films, they are not romantically paired.

Tabu admits that she and Devgn have known each other for 25 years. “He was my cousin Sameer Arya’s neighbor and close buddy, a part of my growing-up years and that has laid the foundation of our relationship,” she told the tabloid. “When I was young, Sameer and Ajay would spy on me, follow me around and threaten to beat up any boys who are caught talking to me. They were the big bullies, and if I am single today, it is because of Ajay. I hope he repents and regrets what he did!”

Asked if Devgn has now taken the onus of getting her hitched, Tabu laughed and said that she told him to “please find me a boy to marry.”

But there’s more of Tabu on Devgn: “From among the male actors, if there is anyone I can count on, it’s Ajay. He is a like a child and yet so protective. The atmosphere on set when he’s around is stress-free. We share a unique relationship and an unconditional affection,” she stated.

Incidentally, they worked together in “Vijaypath,” her career-breakthrough, in 1994. And now there is a Luv “Pyaar Ka Punch-Nama” Ranjan film that co-stars Devgn romantically with her for the first time since 1999.

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