San Leandro, Calif. — Naatak, one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s most prolific nonprofit theater companies, is currently presenting a production of Anupama Chandrasekhar’s high-energy drama “Disconnect” at the Theater in San Pedro Square in San Jose, Calif., through June 22.

Chandrasekhar, a former journalist, is a leading Indian playwright whose works have been performed around the globe. In “Disconnect,” she explores the lives and secrets of a group of young Indian call center professionals tasked with debt collection from credit card defaulters in America — “the people behind the fake American accents,” notes a Naatak spokesperson — with perceptive humor.

“The witty, thought-provoking production provides an opportunity to understand the interesting but complicated double lives of the call center employees, immersed in a virtual reality, trapped between two free worlds,” said a spokesperson.

Director Harish Sunderam Agastya and producer Soumya Agastya lead a production starring Roshan Prabhu, Pooja Srivastava, Vinith Misra, Neha Goyal, Dhananjay Motwani, Avinash Rao, Mukund Marathe and Kartik Aiyer.

“After critically acclaimed productions such as ‘Mowgli and I,’ ‘Vande Mataram’ and ‘God of Carnage,’ Naatak presents another sharp, interesting and meaningful performance with ‘Disconnect,’” said a press release.

“Disconnect” runs through June 22 at the Theater in San Pedro Square, located at 29 North San Pedro Street in San Jose. The June 15 production will be followed by a Q&A with the show’s creative team. Visit for tickets.

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