‘Dhoom 3’ Earns Record $3.3 Million in North America

Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra in “Dhoom 3.” The Yash Raj Films release had the highest-ever opening for a Bollywood film in the U.S., earning $3,305,000 on its opening weekend.

By Lisa Tsering, Staff Reporter

No spoilers in this article! Just the news that “Dhoom 3,” Yash Raj Films’ wildly colorful and entertaining new release starring Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Katrina Kaif and Uday Chopra, has made history by becoming the first Bollywood film to earn a record $3,305,000 on its opening weekend — in North America alone. 

Its per-screen average of over $14,000 was also one for the history books. The film was released on a record number of screens worldwide, including several IMAX screens in India, and a record 236 screens in North America.
The previous North American Bollywood box office record of $2,220,497 was set last August by “Chennai Express.” Another record broken by “Dhoom 3” was its take on its opening day Dec. 20: $1,075,000 Friday alone, making the film the first ever Indian film to surpass a million dollars on its first day of release. Saturday’s take was $1,290,000 while Sunday’s was $940,000.
“The buzz was phenomenal for ‘Dhoom 3,’ and Aamir Khan is such a huge star that it only added to the excitement so people wanted to rush out and see it right away,” Gitesh Pandya, editor of BoxOfficeGuru.com, told India-West in an e-mail. 
Pandya, who is also a media consultant for Bollywood films here and worked on the promotions for “Dhoom 3,” added, “It seems that audiences have done a good job not giving away too much of the story elements and letting friends experience the film for themselves.”
The big spoiler for “Dhoom 3” is out there on Twitter and other social media, for sure, so film fans had to carefully sidestep a lot of comments on the Internet to avoid getting burned. At the same time, a rash of fake parody spoilers made the rounds of Twitter with the hashtag #Dhoom3Spoiler, such as this one from @coolfunnytshirt: “In the climax, Uday Chopra removes his mask..and much to the disappointment of the audience..they find Uday Chopra behind it!” 
The film was easily the most eagerly awaited Hindi release of the year, and audiences were primed and ready. Yash Raj’s vice president for international operations, Avtar Panesar, was quoted by Deadline.com as saying, “Our biggest strength has been that our audiences are so clued in that technically we just need to announce a date and they will be there for a film like this.” 

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