“Runtime,” Indian American author S.B. Divya’s 2016 Nebula Award finalist for Best Novella, will be developed into a film. Divya holds degrees in computational neuroscience and signal processing. (S.B. Divya/Twitter photo)

Indian American author S.B. Divya’s sci-fi thriller, “Runtime,” is being developed as a movie, which will be produced by Escape Artists and John Sacchi, reports Variety.

“Runtime,” a 2016 Nebula Award finalist for Best Novella, follows a young woman, Marmeg Guinto, who neither has the funding nor the support to participate in the Minerva Sierra Challenge, the cyborg’s Tour de France. The book is about how she cobbles her gear together from parts she found in rich people’s garbage and spent the money her mother wanted her to use for nursing school to enter the race. But the Minerva Challenge is the only chance she has at a better life for herself and her younger brothers, and she’s ready to risk it all, according to the book’s description on Amazon.

“Happy to announce that RUNTIME has been optioned by Escape Artist Productions for film & TV rights,” Divya wrote on Twitter. “Am I fantasy casting the main characters? Yes. Yes, I am. Big thanks to Brendan Deenan and @BookCannibal for making this possible!”

“Runtime is Divya’s science fiction debut. She has also published “Microbiota and the Masses: A Love Story.”

Divya, according to her official website, is the co-editor of Escape Pod, a weekly science fiction podcast with Mur Lafferty. She holds degrees in computational neuroscience and signal processing, and she worked for 20 years as an electrical engineer before becoming an author.

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