Freida Pinto

Indian actress Freida Pinto believes that men should be included in discussions about gender equality. (Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Los Angeles LGBT Center)

Anyone and everyone now is aware of the extraordinary gender wage gap in Hollywood, and in almost every industry. But gender equality cannot be achieved by excluding men from the conversations, believes Indian actress Freida Pinto.

“Men should be included in conversations, as they’re not the problem, but they’re a part of the solution,” the “Slumdog Millionaire” star told the Daily Mail Australia. “This (feminist) movement fails when we do not work together. I'd also rather every International Women's Day celebrate the good men in the world too.”

The 33-year-old actress and a long-time campaigner for female empowerment also admitted that though there are several ways of doing it, this divide is not easy to fill.

“The female brand in terms of storytelling is just as good at the box office as the male brand. It's about giving it a chance,” the publication quoted her as saying. “Look at all the movies, Margot Robbie's ‘I, Tonya’ be able to be open to women of all ages and shapes and sizes and characters. There's so many ways of achieving gender quality, but to expect change to happen overnight is just setting you up for disappointment.”

On International Women’s Day March 8, Pinto took to Instagram to post a pretty picture from Australia with a caption stating: “Happy Women's Day to all you kickass ladies and equally kick ass men! Ladies, treat yourself right and self-care is NOT selfish! Xoxoxo!”

In a separate interview with the Daily Mail Australia, Pinto also revealed why she turned down roles in the three years after the premiere of “Slumdog Millionaire.”

“(I refused to be play characters that were seen as) a piece of meat or a cardboard cutout,” said the Mumbai-born actress.

Pinto, who recently starred on Showtime’s “Guerilla,” can currently be seen on Hulu’s provocative drama series, “The Path,” which returned for a third season Jan. 17. She is also awaiting the release of “The Jungle Book,” a live action retelling of Rudyard Kipling’s classic,” and “Love Sonia,” a film about sex trafficking.

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