Bollywood actor Gulshan Grover has played a gangster in several movies during his three decades in the film industry, but now he’ll be playing a gangster with a heart of gold in the English-language film “Beeba Boys,” which explores the fascination of Indo-Canadian youth with the world of crime and gangsters.

The film, produced by David Hamilton and directed by Oscar-nominated Deepa Mehta, is inspired from real life character and happenings in Canada where the film was shot.

Beeba in Punjabi means ‘nice’ and that is what parents of these youngsters believe that their kids are, beeba (nice) boys. Ironically, in the crime world, their gang is called the “Beeba Boys.” 

Grover plays Robbie Grewal, a mafia boss who is the main opposition for the Beeba Boys Gang. 

Grover, who has acted in over 400 films both in and outside of India, said he couldn’t pass up the chance to work with Mehta.

“Deepa Mehta is not only my favorite director and a friend, she is a tough director and inspires you to give your best,” Grover said in a statement. “I love that.”

Grover wanted so badly to be in the film that he hid the fact that he had a broken rotator cuff, shooting scenes playing golf and bench pressing despite his injury.  

“After giving my last shot I caught a flight to L.A. and was operated (on) the very next morning,” he said.  

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