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Comedian Hasan Minhaj will host a weekly comedy show on Netflix, which makes him the first Indian American to do so. (The Daily Show/Twitter photo)

If you are a big fan of Hasan Minhaj, and have always wanted more of his comedy, which, let’s be honest here, wasn’t really available on “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah,” then this news might be big for you.

It certainly is a big career jump for the Indian American comedian who is getting his own weekly comedy show on Netflix.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “The Daily Show” correspondent, who’s seen his star rise considerably over the past year, has become the first Indian American to front a weekly comedy show on the streaming site.

Netflix, according to the publication, describes Minhaj’s forthcoming foray as an opportunity for the comedian to explore the modern cultural and political landscapes with depth and sincerity.

And in a major vote of confidence in the series and its host, adds the report, the streaming giant has already committed to 32 episodes, which will roll out later this year.

Minhaj’s stand-up special, “Homecoming King,” in which the comic shares personal stories about racism, immigrant parents, prom night horrors and more, is already available on Netflix.

The streaming site announced the big news on Twitter March 1 with a post stating, “If you don’t know Hasan Minhaj yet, you’re about to. His new Netflix talk show is gonna tell the truth in the most hilarious way possible. Here’s a taste (from his special ‘Homecoming King’, which you can watch now).”

The tweet was met with an overwhelming positive reaction, with comments like, “His pauses are so hilarious... He has excellent comedic timing,” “This is gonna be goooood,” and “a. Who doesn’t know Hasan Minhaj? b. thrilled for this show. Well done, Netflix.”

“I’m thrilled to be joining the Netflix family as the country braces for another election season — and like you, I cannot wait to find out who Putin picks this time,” Minhaj said in a statement.

He also joked on Twitter that “Phew. My LSAT score just expired.”

Minhaj reportedly produced his own pilot, sparking a bidding war which was ultimately won by Netflix.

Indian American vice president of content at Netflix Bela Bajaria told The Hollywood Reporter that she’s been “a big fan of Hasan’s for many years.”

“He’s a phenomenal writer with a distinct point of view (and) he is a brilliant performer, who is hilarious both onstage and off. And more importantly, he isn’t afraid to share his thoughtful voice and unique perspective,” she was quoted as saying. (See India-West story on Bela Bajaria here: http://bit.ly/2mZUrRT)

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