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Mindy Kaling’s new comedy series, “Champions,” which also features Indian American actors Hasan Minhaj and Mouzam Makkar, will premiere March 8 on NBC. Kaling is seen here in a still from the show with J.J. Totah, who plays her son. (Jordin Althaus/NBC photo)

And…Mindy Kaling is back. The Indian American actress, who gave birth to a baby girl, Swati Katherine Kaling, in December 2017, and who was last seen on Hulu’s “The Mindy Project,” has let her die-hard know that she will back on the small screen very soon, March 8, to be precise.

Kaling co-stars and is the executive producer of the new NBC comedy, “Champions,” the trailer of which she released on Instagram Jan. 31 night.

Written by “The Mindy Project’s” executive producer Charlie Grandy and Kaling, “Champions” is a half-hour, single-camera comedy that centers on Vince (Anders Holm), a washed-up high school baseball star who reluctantly gave up his dreams to take over the family gym in Brooklyn. Vince lives with his sweet, naive younger brother, Matthew (Andy Favreau), and is on the verge of secretly selling the gym and moving to Florida when his high school fling, Priya (recurring guest star Kaling), unexpectedly drops off their 15-year-old son, Michael (J.J. Totah), on his doorstep.

After raising Michael by herself for 15 years, reads the NBC synopsis, Priya decided to move her talented and ambitious theater-kid son away from his sheltered life in Cleveland, so he could attend a prestigious performing arts school in New York. While she loves her son deeply, she’s delighted at the chance to let Vince and Matthew do the parenting while Michael pursues his dreams.

Rigid and old-school, Vince has virtually nothing in common with his son, and in addition to balancing unruly employees and his sensitive brother’s smothering love, he must now learn to become a dad.

In the hilarious trailer of the show, which got a series order in May 2017, Kaling surprises Holm by showing up with the son he never knew he had. The cast also includes Indian American actors Hasan Minhaj and Mouzam Makkar, and British Indian actress Nina Wadia. Minhaj will play Rohit, aka Ro, Priya’s (Kaling) “extremely wealthy” brother whose opulent lifestyle impresses his nephew, Michael.

Delivering lines like “Isn’t New York spectacular? Even this cheap poor part!” Totah seems to be the star of the sitcom.

“Meet the @nbcchampions on March 8th! They’re the best, and I’m definitely not biased #Champions,” Kaling wrote alongside the trailer.

 “Champions” will premiere at 8:30 p.m. March 8.

Watch the trailer here:

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