Pop singer Katy Perry is being trolled after she posted a picture of Goddess Kali on Instagram April 19. The singer had married Russell Brand in a traditional Indian ceremony in Rajasthan in 2010, but separated from the comedian in 2012. (Katy Perry/Instagram photos)

There are so many kinds of memes available on the internet, perfectly capturing every mood, then why would you dishonor an Indian goddess by using her image to represent your mood? This is one burning question Katy Perry’s fans and Instagram followers, mostly Indian, are asking the pop star, who, on April 19, posted a photo of Hindu goddess Kali with the caption “current mood,” clearly stirring a hornet’s nest.

While followers anxiously await updates from the “Roar” and “Dark Horse” singer, this one did not sit well with her Indian fans, who have inundated the post with a series of abusive and hateful comments. The total count of messages stands at 11,100, mostly negative.

“If you don’t know what something stands for why post it? Avoid the Unnecessary drama and just delete the picture,” wrote one user.

“Think about it why would Katy use an Indian God for her mood, Katy should use an angry dog for her mood. This is bcoz she wants publicity right after Snapchat. This is her only post which have crossed 15k comments,” suggested another user.

Here’s another comment: “Problem is, you used this picture as to show your mood, like an emoji sticker, but that’s our god not a sticker to show your mood @katyperry you don’t know INDIAN MOOD when it comes to religion, beware !”

But not all comments spewed hate. One comment read, “It’s not about offensive or abusing… this pic posted here could mean anything... but the caption says it all…she could mean that she is angry as kali...or she is feeling as powerful as kali…why does people have to abuse her for this pic? It’s just a pic.”

One user also wondered if it depicted her inclination towards Hinduism, saying, “Be more specific reasons to pic Hindu Goddess pic on wall. R u inclining towards Hinduism? God bless you Katy.”

In an interview to Marie Claire in 2013, Perry, who married Russell Brand in a traditional Indian ceremony in Rajasthan in 2010, but separated from the comedian in 2012, said: “I’m not Buddhist, I’m not Hindu, I’m not Christian, but I still feel like I have a deep connection with God.”

Perry has so far chosen to not respond to the messages and has left the photo as is.

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