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After the reality show, “Made in America,” Zee TV has launched another show, “Those Who Made It,” which features an Indian American entrepreneur and philanthropist in every episode. The first episode, aired Oct. 14, featured Indian American lawyer Sheela Murthy. (Zee Americas/Facebook photo)

Successful lawyer Sheela Murthy appeared on the first episode of Zee TV’s new series, “Those Who Made It,” which features an Indian American entrepreneur and philanthropist in every episode.

The show follows the individuals as they recount their path to success and share stories from their personal and professional lives.

The first episode that aired Oct. 14 followed Murthy, who founded the Murthy Law Firm to help other immigrants like herself maneuver through the complicated legal process. Her firm is ranked as one of the world’s leading U.S. immigration law firms, said the channel.

Upcoming episodes will relay the tales of Sant Chatwal, Frank Islam, AJ Khubani, Suri Sehgal, Javad Hassan and Mafat Patel.

The channel believes that “All of these enterprisers are an inspiration to South Asian immigrants who are pursuing their own American dream. ‘Those Who Made It’ proves that as long as you believe and work hard, you can achieve success.”

Zee TV, airing programs primarily in Hindi, made its debut in Hollywood by launching the English language South Asian reality television show, “Made in America.”

Selecting six girls from a pool of 6,000 applicants, “Made in America” followed the contestants for ten weeks as they competed in various challenges, receiving training from different coaches and displaying their individual talents. The reality show, which featured second-generation South Asians, was hosted by Nina Davaluri, the first ever Indian American to be crowned Miss America. The finale of the reality show aired Oct. 12.

“We realized that there was a need in the marketplace to reach a younger South Asian audience who have an enormous desire to be in the glamour world,” said Sameer Targe, CEO of Zee TV America. “Zee TV is the flagship television network for South Asians in the U.S., we decided to launch ‘Made in America’ to fulfill their Hollywood dreams, and create a platform for them to be able to showcase their talents.” 

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