After securing a spot on the 2016 Forbes “30 under 30 Young Achievers” list, Indo-Canadian YouTube star Lilly Singh, aka Superwoman, earned the title of ‘Game Show Queen’ during her debut appearance on NBC’s “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” Jan. 22, which marked the beginning of her promotional appearances for her upcoming documentary, “A Trip to Unicorn Island.”

The video star was her hilarious self during her first late night show appearance as a guest, which was chock full of quirky conversations.

She talked about how she might owe her dad some royalty money.

“A lot of the lines are directly taken from my dad. He has this line, ‘Old is gold, but I am platinum.’ So I put that in my video and now he’s always harassing me for royalties,” she quipped.

Singh, now considered one of YouTube’s biggest celebs, began her YouTube channel more than five years ago as a comedian and has amassed more than seven million subscribers and more than one billion YouTube views.

She talked about how her parents first found out about her videos.

“I didn’t tell them I started making videos. I didn’t have a death wish, “she laughed. “They actually found out when one of my relatives from Vancouver called and was, like, ‘Is your daughter on the Internet?’ And my parents were like, ‘One second... LILLY!”

She also shared a story about an eventful date in Dubai where the person who had invited her called the Prince of Dubai to get an underage staffer into a club.

On the show, the two signed off with a round of “Fast Family Feud,” where the comedian showed just how good she is at her game. She totally crushed Fallon during the face-off.

“I must warn you, I grew up in ‘Family Feud.’ Like, not the game, like real-life situations every day,” Singh jokingly warned Fallon. “So, yeah. ‘Family Feud.’ I’m ready for this.”

During the few rounds of the game, she guessed the top answers every time, including naming the best Valentine’s Day gift one can receive despite being “so brutally single right now,” she said. The win elicited a victory dance from her.

In May 2015, Singh embarked on her first-ever world tour called “A Trip to Unicorn Island,” which took off from India, and traveled to countries including Australia and Singapore. The feature film of the same name is a documentary chronicling the tour, made possible through her successful ||Superwoman|| YouTube channel, and will premiere on YouTube Red in February.

Watch Lily Singh’s debut appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”:

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