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Indian American writer-actress Mindy Kaling has been cast in Warner Bros’ “Ocean’s Eight,” the all-female spinoff of “Ocean’s Eleven.” “The Mindy Project” star, seen at the Hulu TCA Summer 2016 at The Beverly Hilton Hotel Aug. 5 in Beverly Hills, Calif., has also finished writing her first movie. (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images) 

The all-women “Ocean’s Eight” film has revealed seven of its cast members, and joining the A-list celebrities such as Anne Hathaway, Cate Blanchett, Rihanna and Sandra Bullock is Indian American actress Mindy Kaling. The other cast members in the Warner Bros’ all-female reboot of “Ocean’s Eleven,” which is sure to attract the attention of fans, are Helena Bonham Carter and Nora Lum, the hip-hop rapper known by the moniker Awkwafina. Deadline first reported the news.

The project, for which the casting is still ongoing, is expected to begin filming in October in New York, according to Deadline. The film, which is set to be directed by Gary Ross, who wrote the script with Olivia Milch, will be produced by “Ocean’s Eleven” director Steven Soderbergh.

No release date has yet been announced for the film.

Meanwhile, Kaling also has some other plans for the big screen. “The Mindy Project” star recently revealed that she has finished writing a movie. The 37-year-old actress made the revelation at Hulu’s Television Critics Association press day, according to a report in ET online. “I don’t have a name for it. I’m bad at naming things – that’s why my show is called ‘The Mindy Project,’” she said.

But she did reveal that the film is completely different from her TV show, which is a romantic comedy.

“I always thought the first thing I’d do (for the big screen) was a romantic comedy and what I realized was we write that so much on (‘The Mindy Project’) that I kind of decided that, you know what, I’m going to save that stuff for the show and this is about something completely different,” she said.

The story is set in New York and Kaling will be playing a small part in it.

“I have a small part in it. It’s inspired by movies I love, like ‘Broadcast News’,” she said.

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