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Indian American actress Mindy Kaling is expecting a baby girl. (Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images)

While Mindy Kaling has chosen to stay mum on the identity of her baby’s father, she did share the gender of her baby with her “The Mindy’s Project” co-stars, and now, the secret is out.

The Indian American actress is expecting a baby girl.

Her costars spilled the beans to Us Weekly while attending the PaleyFest Fall TV Preview event for the Hulu series in Los Angeles Sept. 8.

“I’m just thrilled out of my mind! I cried like a baby and that it’s a girl … I just think that she’s up to it,” Beth Grant, who plays Beverly Janoszewski on the hit show, told Us. “I just think that she’s ready and I’m very happy for her because I have a daughter that’s turning 25 and it’s just the greatest thing in the world!”

Ed Weeks, who plays Dr. Jeremy Reed, also shared the same sentiment to Us, saying, “We were so thrilled for her... The show started as a tribute to her mother, who very sadly passed away just as the show is being picked up, and it ends with her having a daughter of her own.”

“It’s a lot a lot. When she reminded us all of that, we all cried in the final table read,” the English actor continued. “I mean Jesus, life! It makes some very interesting and beautiful patterns sometimes.”

Kaling opened up about her pregnancy in an interview on the Sunday edition of NBC’s “Today” show, which will be broadcast Sept. 24.

In a preview released Aug. 15, she joked with Willie Geist that she’s excited to have a child so she’ll be able to “openly criticize other parenting.”

Turning serious, the 38-year-old said she hopes to use her late mother as an example of how to be a good mom. She says her mother was open-minded and always supportive of her career choice.

Kaling’s mother, Dr. Swati Roysircar, an ob/gyn, died from pancreatic cancer in 2012, the same day her show was picked up by Fox. Kaling loosely based her character of Dr. Mindy Lahiri on her mom.

Season 6 of “The Mindy Project” is set to premiere Sept. 12 on Hulu.

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