Priyanka Bose and Aditi Vasudev star in Indian American filmmaker Karishma Dube’s LGBTQ drama, “Goddess,” which will be screened at London’s Raindance Film Festival. (IMDb photo)

“Goddess,” a film by a New York-based Indian American filmmaker about being a lesbian in modern-day India, is among the shorts that have been shortlisted to be screened at the London-based Raindance Film Festival.

An LGBT strand at the festival, which is the largest independent film festival in the U.K., will emphasize the contribution LGBT communities are making to the industry and the current challenges they face.

Directed by Karishma Dube, “Goddess” explores the reality of being a closeted lesbian in contemporary India. In the film, Tara, a feisty teenager, begins to risk family and traditions as she pursues her attraction towards her housemaid, Devi. When they are caught together at a dinner party, Tara must suddenly define who she really is.

The film is also vying for the ‘Best Short’ award at the festival.

Aditi Vasudev plays the role of Tara while noted actress Priyanka Bose portrays the role of Devi. The 13-minute film also stars Tanvi Azmi.

The festival believes that these are “courageous narratives that challenge stigma and unrelenting abuse.” Encompassing worldwide settings comprising of Mexico, India and Zimbabwe, the selected films explore how people are connecting despite adversity and repression.

The film festival will run Sept. 20 through Oct. 1. 

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