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As viewers anxiously wait for Season 2 of “Quantico,” a new blooper video has been released from the first season of the show, which also includes Priyanka Chopra’s hilarious outtakes. (YouTube screengrab)

Whoever saw Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra play Alex Parrish, the smart, confident and fiery protagonist of ABC’s thriller series, “Quantico,” fell in love with her.

But even the best and the brightest falter from time to time. Not Chopra, though. As fans wait for the drama to kick off its second season, a new hilarious exclusive blooper reel from the first season of the show – which shows the FBI trainees flubbing their lines, losing control of the guns and even moonwalking – has been released, and social media users are having a field day.

While it’s clear the entire cast had a great time filming the show, as seen from their incessant giggles, viewers, too, will have a fun time noting their not-so-perfect moments.

When a sudden, loud sound off-camera forces everyone to shudder, Chopra remains her confident self. Snapping her fingers, she says, “I didn’t flinch.”

Though far fewer than everyone else, Chopra, too, had some not-so-glorious moments, one of which was in the premiere episode when she was with Ryan Booth in the car, while in another scene, she breaks into an impromptu jig.

Read on to know what the showrunner and Chopra’s co-stars have to say about the talented actress. 

“Priyanka, when she auditioned, she walked in the door and it was like okay, who is this person,” said Joshua Safran, the creator of the series. “This is clearly a movie star, like every hair at the back of your neck stands up. When I went home, I couldn’t think of anyone else – it wasn’t even that I was just thinking about Priyanka has to play this, she had re-envisioned the character in front of my eyes.”

“I think Priyanka is beautiful. She is a great actress. She just shines. She’s got that ‘IT’ factor,” said Josh Hopkins, who plays Liam O’Connor.  “She just walks into a room and everyone turns and looks and she just lights up and she is a tireless worker and just led by example.”

Hopkins added: “I mean we all got tired and it was a long season and she was always chipper and ready to go and she had to work more hours than everyone and she never complained and it set the tone for everybody.”

When asked about his rapport with Chopra, Jake McLaughlin, who plays Ryan Booth, stated, “I didn’t know anything about Priyanka. So I didn’t know who she was and anything like that and it wasn’t until later that I realized the extent of her celebrity. But she is down to earth. Priyanka is  a down to earth girl.”

The series returns Sept. 25 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

Watch the “Quantico” Season 1 bloopers here:

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