Jason Kapoor

Jason Kapoor (seated, left), an Indian American actor originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, portrays a key role in San Francisco Playhouse’s production of “Born Yesterday.” Accompanying Kapoor in the photo shown above are Millie Brooks, Gabriel Montoya (l), and Michael Torres. (Jessica Palopoli/San Francisco Playhouse photo)

Young Indian American actor Jason Kapoor stars in the San Francisco Playhouse’s production of Garson Kanin’s “Born Yesterday,” which critics are labelling as “powerful, insightful and witty” and a “smash hit.”

Kanin’s delightful comedy, which is as timely today as it was when it premiered on Broadway in 1946, explores politics, profiteering, and the importance of an educated electorate. The revival, directed by Susi Damilano, runs through March 10.

According to SF Playhouse, in “Born Yesterday,” Harry (Michael Torres), a ruthless, thuggish millionaire — with his showgirl fiancée, Billie (Millie Brooks), in tow — comes to Washington to bribe a senator and enrich his business interests. He soon hires a reporter to clean up Billie’s image; but as she awakens to a world full of possibilities, she starts to question corruption’s stranglehold over the disadvantaged.

Kapoor plays the role of the reporter, Paul Verrall, and is returning to the SF Playhouse fold where he was last seen in its productions of “Ideation” as well as its off-Broadway premiere at 59E59 Theaters in New York City.

Kapoor was most recently seen in the Bay Area premieres of “The Legend of Georgia McBride,” “Guards at The Taj,” and “The Invisible Hand” at Marin Theatre Company.

Born in San Jose, Calif., Kapoor received his bachelor’s degree from San Jose State University and his master of classical acting degree from the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art.

You can track Kapoor’s journey from being a theater lover to a performer in a previous story on India-West: http://bit.ly/2sjwmwX.

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