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British Indian actor Dev Patel told CNN that the “divisive nature” of President Donald Trump’s travel ban “terrifies me in a way.” Patel, seen here with his mother Anita on the red carpet for the 89th Oscars Feb. 26, 2017 in Hollywood, Calif., also added that he is a product of immigrants. (Valerie Macon/AFP/Getty Images)

Dev Patel is among legions of immigrants who feel “terrified” of President Donald Trump’s travel ban, which places a 90-day ban on people from six mainly Muslim countries.

The Indo-British actor recently spoke out against the first executive order on CNN’s “New Day.” The “divisive nature” of President Donald Trump’s travel ban “terrifies me in a way,” he said.

The Oscar-nominated actor said he was on a flight to the United States when the first travel ban went into effect. “It was quite overwhelming, very sad. It’s kind of a strange situation when you’re walking a red carpet and at the same time people are out marching the streets because of so much strife in the air,” he said.

“I am not an American so I tread very carefully when I say this. But I’m a product of immigrants,” he told the morning show host, Alisyn Camerota. Patel said his parents moved to the U.K. from Kenya and are “completely proud to be British.”

Talking about his film “Lion,” which was considered a leading contender for the 2017 ‘Best Picture’ Oscar, Patel said: “I think the idea of accepting people and that kind of unity I talk about in this film is so important.”

Lead actors Patel and Nicole Kidman both received ‘Best Supporting Actor’ Oscar nominations this year for their performances in “Lion.”

Speaking to U.K.’s Press Association earlier, Patel had commented on the changed political climate in the U.S. vis-à-vis when his debut film “Slumdog Millionaire” released.

“When ‘Slumdog’ first premiered, it was the time people were passing around badges that read Hope, and Obama was about to step up and there was a beautiful loving atmosphere in the air, and the film spoke to that,” he was quoted as saying. “Now we are in a very different stage, we socially, politically, feel more tender,” he said. “People are worried.”

Patel added that as an actor, “I am having conversations about how relevant it is to promote a film when the fabric of society is fraying.”

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