Kaala Trailer

Rajinikanth’s “Kaala” is set in the backdrop of Dharavi. The fil’s trailer has been released. (YouTube screenshot photo)

MUMBAI—Here’s the trailer of Rajinikanth’s “Kaala (The King Of Dharavi).” The film also features Nana Patekar and Huma Qureshi in pivotal roles.

For the first time, Rajinikanth and Patekar will be seen in a face-off in this P. Ranjith political drama set in the backdrop of Dharavi.

Here are five reasons why the trailer of this bi-lingual film makes the product hotter than it already is as a Dhanush production starring his father-in-law.

• In Hindi, no film has worked big when set in Dharavi, come mainstream (“Dayavan”), offbeat (“Dharavi”) or foreign (“Beyond The Clouds”). This one, given Rajini’s current status, seems set to break the jinx.

• The trailer is tantalizingly short (90 seconds) and leaves you asking for more.

• Rajinikanth’s “2.0” has been delayed, and the anticipation for the star’s ‘darshan’(glimpse) is at an all-time high.

• Nana Patekar is a powerhouse actor, and after eons, we see Rajinikanth cast opposite another male star of high calibre. In Hindi, his last such film was “Hum” with Amitabh Bachchan in 1991, a full 27 years ago. Down South, it was “Dalapathy” with Mammooty, also in the 1990s.

• Though there are glimpses of Rajni and Nana separately, there is no sequence of them sharing a frame as antagonists. This leaves, again, a vacuum in audience gratification that will only be fulfilled by watching the film. And, of course, it raises expectations to the sky that these two powerhouse performers are sure to fulfil.

Watch the Hindi and Tamil trailers of "Kaala" here.

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