Rajinikanth on GST

Megastar Rajinikanth has urged the state government of Tamil Nadu to do away with the additional 30 percent entertainment tax that it is levying over and above the GST rate of 28 percent. (IANS photo)

CHENNAI—As theaters across Tamil Nadu remained shut for the third day in a row on July 5 over double taxation, Abirami Ramanathan, President of Tamil Nadu Film Chamber of Commerce, said a positive outcome could be expected soon from the ongoing protest. Even megastar Rajinikanth urged the government to consider the plea.

Ramanathan said: "The government has listened to all our demands. We are hopeful of a positive outcome. Theaters should operate from tomorrow or Friday.”

Megastar Rajinikanth also urged the state government to take a decision for the industry's benefit by doing away with the additional 30 percent entertainment tax that it is levying over and above the GST rate of 28 percent.

"Keeping in mind the livelihood of lakhs of people in the Tamil film industry, I sincerely request the Tamil Nadu government to seriously consider our plea," Rajinikanth tweeted.

Veteran Kamal Haasan, who had expressed his views on the issue earlier this week, thanked Rajinikanth for his appeal.

"Thanks Rajni avaragaLay for voicing your concern. Let's request first as gentlemen should. Then we shall see," Kamal tweeted.

Earlier, he had said: "Filmmaking in the state has been made difficult deliberately. There are further tortures and systemic corruption that the film industry has to endure under this regime."

Kamal had also pointed out that neighboring southern states have not levied an additional tax on cinema over and above the GST.

"In Kerala, the film industry requested Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and he, through his Finance Minister, quickly announced that Kerala will not be levying any more taxes on the already beleaguered film business," he said.

"Karnataka has gone even further to facilitate the well-being of the film industry. Telangana and Andhra are also doing their best for their film industries," he added.

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