TV- Ishq Subhan Allah

Zee TV’s new show, “Ishq Subhan Allah,” stars Adnan Abbas Khan (right) as Kabeer and Eisha Singh as Zara. (photo provided)

MUMBAI — Creative Eye Limited is coming up with their new show on Zee TV, “Ishq Subhan Allah,” which is produced by Dheeraj Kumar, Zuby Kochhar and Sunil Gupta.

This is the love story of Kabeer and Zara, both devout followers of Islam, who happen to interpret the holy Quran very differently. While Kabeer is a ‘maulvi’ (priest) who abides by the widely followed, traditional moral ethical code of conduct, Zara is a well-educated young woman who applies the teachings of Allah to a logical, liberal way of life based on modern fundamentals of practicality, rationality, gender equality, justice and fairness. 

Zara is of the view that the triple talaaq (getting a divorce by simply uttering the word ‘talaaq’ thrice) practice is un-Islamic as it has no mention in the Quran. In her belief, a talaaq (divorce) is to be administered over a period of minimum 60 days, giving adequate opportunity for both parties to reconcile their differences. 

Viewers will be taken on a gripping journey of what happens when destiny brings Zara and Kabeer — a liberal and a staunch hardliner — together in matrimony. In showcasing Zara and Kabeer’s starkly opposite schools of thought, “Ishq Subhan Allah” urges viewers to re-examine their own perspective and interpretations on religious practices and codes of conduct and bring an element of rationality to the way they understand and apply religion to their lives.

The show begins March 14 and stars Adnan Abbas Khan as Kabeer and Eisha Singh as Zara. Vinay Jain, S.M. Zaheer, Suneel Pushkarna, Shalini Arora, Pankaj Kansra and Dhiraj K. Rai are in the supporting cast.

Written by Danish Javed from a story idea by development head Sandhya Riaz, the serial is directed by Vikram Ghai, with Ashish Batra as creative director.

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