Porus Serial

Sony TV's upcoming show "Porus" actors Laksh Lalwani (left) and Suhani Dhanki shoot in in Khao Sok, Thailand, which is the same location where “Pirates of the Caribbean” was also shot. (photo provided)

MUMBAI—“Porus,” one of the biggest shows ever on Indian television, also seems to be the most anticipated one since its commencement. While the audience, for the first time, will get to witness the epic battle between Alexander the conqueror and the greatest defender of India, Porus, the team is paying attention to detail to make the Sony Entertainment Television show a visual treat like never before. Interestingly, all the principal artists had to go through an underwater training program before facing the camera.

The team was in Khao Sok, Thailand, which is the same location where “Pirates of the Caribbean” was also shot, but before shooting for the action sequences, they had to train. It was a mandate that all the actors reach Thailand a week before to train. In fact, even before going to Thailand, many actors had started training in Mumbai.

Laksh Lalwani (Porus), Rati Pandey (Anusuya), Praneet Bhatt (Darius), Rohit Purohit (Alexander), Aman Dhariwal (Shivdutt) Aditya Redij (Bamani), Suhani Dhanki and others were among the cast that went to Thailand.

The show is being made on the scale of a big film. “Porus” will go on air in November. Watch the show's trailer here.

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